Wie wähle ich mein Virtual-Reality-Headset aus? ¿Cómo elegir tu casco de realidad virtual? Como escolher seu fone de realidade virtual? Comment choisir son casque de réalité virtuelle ? Come scegliere le cuffie da realtà virtuale?
By Alain, the 07.06.2019

How to choose your virtual reality headset?

How to choose your virtual reality headset?
Are you looking for a virtual reality headset? But how to choose the right helmet? Discover the important points you need to look at before buying your VR helmet.

You are interested in virtual reality, you will necessarily use a helmet for this purpose. Between the various technologies available, the choice of this accessory quickly becomes difficult when one lacks information. You plan to buy the product that best suits your needs, follow the guide.

How to choose a virtual reality headset

In vogue for several years, virtual reality is a technology that allows for a more immersive multimedia experience. Choosing your virtual reality headset is therefore the first requirement to enter the world of videos or games. Before doing this exercise, you should know that there are different types of headphones that work with different sources.

VR headsets for consoles or computers

This is the most suitable option for people who are passionate about video games. They have several advanced features that allow users to benefit from further immersion. These high-end products can be used in a sitting or standing position and will be associated with a computer or game console.

Virtual reality headset for console or computer

Virtual reality headset for console or computer

To properly choose your advanced virtual reality headset, it must be taken into account that this type of device needs a clear play corner. It is therefore necessary to have in the room a minimum area of ​​3 m² to allow optimized travel. Some models are equipped with a base station that identifies the position of the helmet and the controller. Finally, it is advisable to check compatibility with your computer or game console when purchasing advanced headsets.

Virtual reality headsets for smartphones

This product category is for people who want to take their first step into virtual reality through smartphones. These products have a hatch in which users can insert their smart phones. They will be able to watch videos in 360 °, watch panoramas and even play video games. These types of helmets offer the advantage of mobility and find more and more followers.

Virtual reality headset for smartphone

Virtual reality headset for smartphone

If you are a beginner in virtual reality, you should know that this technology is not suitable for everyone. It can cause some people discomfort. To avoid spending money on advanced devices, there are lightweight helmets made from materials such as cardboard or plastic. They work with phones running Android or iOS. However, you must take care of using a terminal that has a screen size of at least 4.5 inches.

Accessories, a very important criterion

Most high-end helmet manufacturers add accessories to their product. However, this is often not the case for entry-level items. It will be necessary to think about the purchase of controllers to make the movements. Some manufacturers push the immersion further by offering objects that allow the user to feel the vibrations, temperature variations and even odors.

It should also be noted that the quality of the immersion experience will strongly depend on the characteristics of the smartphone used. It is therefore recommended to opt for screens of a large size and a good resolution to enjoy beautiful images. It is therefore necessary to check these criteria to choose a virtual reality helmet.

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