Sind Hunde der Rottweiler-Rasse gefährlich? ¿Son peligrosos los perros de la raza Rottweiler? Os cães da raça Rottweiler são perigosos? Est-ce que les chiens de la race rottweiler sont dangereux ? I cani della razza Rottweiler sono pericolosi?
By Charlotte, the 27.05.2019

Is the rottweiler a dangerous dog breed or not?

Is the rottweiler a dangerous dog breed or not?
You want to take a dog and you hesitate to take a rottweiler because you think it could be dangerous. So find out if this dog breed and dangerous or not!

Many people are reluctant to adopt a Rottweiler. This breed of dog is, indeed, part of the dogs of 2nd category. Their detention is strictly regulated since the introduction of the so-called dangerous dogs law. But once we know this breed of dog better, we can fall in love with it even if it is not part of favorite dog breeds of children, it is a dog with its charm.

The Rottweiler dog breed

Wondering if owning a dog of the Rottweiler breed represents a danger? Here are some elements about its origins and characteristics that will help you to better know this animal.

The origins of Rottweiler

The ancestor of the Rottweiler appeared as early as Roman times. It was imported by the Roman legions in the village of Rottweil in Germany. This breed was then crossed with another breed and so it was called Rottweiler. At the time, butchers used it to protect and monitor herds of cattle. The Rottweiler was later used as a guard dog and defense dog by the police brigades.

Rottweiler Features

Robust and athletic, the Rottweiler dog is a stocky, medium-sized dog with impressive musculature and powerful jaw. It is because of his imposing physique and his ability to kill a man, he holds his reputation as a potentially dangerous dog. This breed of dog weighs on average between 40 and 50 kilos depending on whether it is a male or a female. His ears are drooping, his coat is black and his legs are fiery.

He is a very affectionate dog, intelligent and very protective towards his master. He is very attentive to everything around him and has a very good nervous balance. Obedient and docile, the Rottweiler loves children. He needs to be educated from an early age by a calm, gentle person and in whom he can have full confidence.

Adopt a Rottweiler: Things to Know

If you want to adopt a Rottweiler dog, you will have to declare it in your town hall and obtain a detention permit. Your pet must also be vaccinated against rabies, have a European passport and be declared in your civil liability insurance policy. You will also have to undergo training and perform a behavioral evaluation of your dog. During each trip to a public place, your pet must be muzzled and kept on a leash.

How to educate his Rottweiler?

Very young, put him in contact with dogs, cats and people in order to socialize him. Also teach him not to bite or jump on people. Make him obey by being firm but calm and bringing him stability. Take him out several times a day and get him to exercise regularly as he is a very dynamic and energetic dog who needs to be active.

If you encounter difficulties during his education or becomes aggressive, do not hesitate to perform some dog training sessions with a professional. The Rottweiler is not a dangerous dog if you educate him properly. If you follow each given advice, your dog will be neither dangerous nor aggressive and will make an excellent pet both faithful and tender.

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