Was sind die Möglichkeiten eines Elektrotrainings? ¿Cuáles son las oportunidades de un entrenamiento eléctrico? Quais são as oportunidades de um treinamento elétrico? Quels sont les débouchés d’une formation électricien ? Quali sono le opportunità di un allenamento elettrico?
By Alain, the 05.06.2019

What are the opportunities of electrician training?

What are the opportunities of electrician training?
Electricity is a very important part of everyday life. Given the breakdowns that can occur, it is important to use a qualified electrician whose skills are not to prove.

An electrician can not exercise his profession without the necessary training for the mastery of technical rules and in complete safety.

Electrician training and its different specialties

Electrician training includes several specializations that are:

The different types of electrical training

The courses for electricians are diploma and deliver either a Bac, BTS, DUT, professional licenses that allow to exercise a wider range of trades. However, it should be noted that there are also training courses that can do the same and that deliver the following degrees:

This not counting the qualifying and short courses intended for professionals who are reorienting and looking for additional knowledge such as:

The program of electrical training

Each vocational training for electrician establishes its program but there are some subjects that are part of the common teaching to all such as:

At the end of the course graduates will be able to repair electrical appliances as long as they understand the operation of circuits and electrical systems.

How to integrate an electrician training

The level of education required depends on the type of training prepared. The BTS and the DUT require a bachelor's degree that can be as professional. It is also possible to enroll in CAP for a degree course from the 3rd.

The opportunities of electrical training

Students with electrical training may stipulate for several trades namely:

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