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By Marie, the 03.06.2019

What are the essential accessories for the beach this summer

What are the essential accessories for the beach this summer
With the good weather coming, it's time to get ready for a walk to the beach this summer. But what are the accessories that you absolutely must not forget to put in your beach bag.

Soon the days to tan on the towel, bath in the water and perfect tan! Holidays, calienté, heat, beach and sun. Before packing your suitcase or beach bag, you must make a checklist to remember nothing and have the essentials for the beach this summer. These fashion accessories will allow you to be the most beautiful at the beach without fear of a bad touch.

Essential accessories for the beach

Jersey, sunscreen and towel? Check! Here is a small presentation of the essential accessories for a successful beach afternoon. To buy your accessories to go to the beach at the best price go to a cheap brand site or destocking.

The swimsuit

This is the accessory that you must wear for your beach days. But how to choose and what type of shirt to buy. For this, you can go to sites of cheap brands and make your choice on a jersey that will be in cohesion with your morphology. Whether you're wearing a bikini or a shorts jersey, the bottom line is that you're comfortable.

The pareo

It is the multifunction accessory par excellence. Here are the reasons to get one urgently if you have planned a beach day: first, when you forget your beach towel, it replaces it perfectly; secondly, it is perfect for covering the body modestly when one does not fully assume its curves or its orange peel; and thirdly, in the event of a gust of wind, one slips it around the neck and, thanks to him, to fare the colds caught in the middle of summer.

The sunglasses at the beach

On the beach is better to have quality glasses and a good degree of protection for your eyes. With the sun, the sea and the reverberation, the eyes are subjected to a severe test. To verify that you have or that you are going to buy good quality glasses to protect your eyes and to buy safely, the solar must be to the norm french norms (NF) and indicate a high protection index.

Flip flops to let feet breathe

The flip-flops or taps on the beach is the basis for not having your feet full of sand or water. The trends are tap dance in recent years. Flip flops like taps are quick to put on so you do not get burned on the hot sand of the beach. In addition, this beach accessory does not weigh heavily in the bag.

A cap or hat

Essential to fight against sunstroke and protect yourself from the sun's rays. The cap and hat remain an essential beach accessory in your bag. If you have a rather sporty look, we advise you to opt for a cap. On the other hand, if you tan all day on your towel, consider buying a straw hat big enough to maximize the protection of your face.

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