Was sind die Lieblingshunderassen von Kindern ? ¿Cuáles son las razas de perros favoritas de los niños? Quais são as raças de cães preferidos das crianças? Quelles sont les races de chiens préférées des enfants ? Quali sono le razze di cani preferite dei bambini ?
By Charlotte, the 23.05.2019

What are the dog breeds that kids love the most

What are the dog breeds that kids love the most
You want to take a dog, but you wonder what breed of dog to take to be compatible with your children? Here are the dog breeds that kids prefer.

Parents are always looking for a dog who is kind to children when they decide to adopt a dog or puppy to expand their family. It is said that 'the dog is man's best friend', but that all dogs are not the best friend of children. Some breeds of dogs get along better with children than others.

Discover the favorite dog breeds of children

Children love dogs and generally dogs like children, but you still have to be careful when you decide to take a new dog, as some breeds of dogs are better for children than others.

So to help you in your choice here is a small list of the 10 dog breeds that kids love the most and that are compatible with them.

The favorite dog breeds of children:

  1. The boxer
  2. The German Shepherd
  3. The golden retriever
  4. The labrador
  5. The French bulldog
  6. The Australian Shepherd
  7. The poodle
  8. The Jack Russell terrier
  9. The beagle
  10. The bichon

Do not hesitate to adopt a dog for you and your children, because besides being an ideal playmate, a dog will bring to your children values ​​of sharing, respect and sense of responsibility.

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