Finden Sie heraus, wie Sie Ihre Haare schnell wachsen lassen können? ¿Averigua cómo hacer crecer tu cabello rápidamente? Descubra como crescer seu cabelo rapidamente? Avoir les cheveux longs - Comment faire pousser ses cheveux plus vite ? Scopri come far crescere i tuoi capelli velocemente?
By Marie, the 20.05.2019

How to grow your hair faster to have long hair?

How to grow your hair faster to have long hair?
If you want to change haircuts and have long hair quickly, there are some quick tips to grow your hair faster.

You are tired of having short hair and you want to have long hair without having to wait for months? The problem is that the hair grows only from 0.6 cm to 1.3 cm per month normally so unless you're patient or put in additions, there are not really any quick fixes.

Grow your hair faster

But in order to wait as little as possible, there are still some tips to maximize the growth of your hair and also have long hair as quickly as possible. So discover without waiting our little tips to have long and strong hair quickly.

Tips for growing your hair quickly

  1. Have your spikes cut regularly
  2. Do some hair massages
  3. Take vitamin supplements
  4. Use products adapted to our hair
  5. Make hair masks
  6. Use essential oils
  7. To brush your hair 50 to 100 times a day
  8. Sleep more lontemps

In order to grow your hair faster and to have long hair quickly, we recommend you do not wash your hair every time you take a shower to avoid damaging them and not to wrap them in a towel. the exit of the shower.

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