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How to avoid pollution at home?

How to avoid air pollution at home to stay healthy. Discover our tips to reduce the pollution rate at home.

How to soothe dry cough quickly and easily!

Although dry cough is generally not dangerous for our health, it is unpleasant to live. So find out how to appease a dry rate quickly and easily.

How to avoid having a heart attack or stroke

The only thing we know is that we can have a heart attack just to scare us. But fortunately there are solutions to avoid a heart attack or stroke.

How to stop hurting your head with natural remedies

You have a headache ? So find out which are the most effective natural remedies to relieve your headache quickly and effectively.

How to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack!

Find out what are the symptoms before a heart attack to see if you are doing one or not, so that you can take the necessary action as quickly as possible.

Answers to your health questions

What are the symptoms ?

Wondering what are the symptoms of this disease? Then discover our health tips to be able to identify if you are sick or not.

How to treat me?

It is sometimes possible to treat yourself alone, but how? Discover our health tips to be able to cure you at home without having to go to see a doctor.

What natural remedies to use?

There are natural remedies that are very effective against many diseases, so find out what natural remedies you can take to treat you.

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