Wie kann man seine Träume richtig interpretieren? ¿Cómo interpretar correctamente sus sueños? Como interpretar seus sonhos corretamente? Comment faire pour interpréter ses rêves correctement ? Come interpretare correttamente i suoi sogni?
By Lucie, the 27.05.2019

How to interpret his dreams correctly?

How to interpret his dreams correctly?
But how to interpret our dreams in practice? Because often makes images, they are very difficult to decode and interpret correctly.

You probably wake up in the morning, dreams still in your head, wondering how your brain could imagine such things? What if your dreams had meaning? This article is here to help you see more clearly.

An interpretation of dreams

Described in 1899 by Freud, the interpretation of dreams allows one to look at oneself and one's unconscious. Dreams are the mirrors of what we think, what we believe, what we see, sometimes without realizing it. Dreams are revealing of who we are, they show us our true nature. Unfortunately dreams are often unclear and difficult to interpret.

Some major themes are often found in the dreams of Man: flying in the sky, being pursued by someone or still live a horrible situation ... Having a precise interpretation of a dream is difficult without help and without resources . A dream has no logic, it has a beginning, a middle and an end but nothing follows like a logical story. The most important thing is to remember your dreams so that you can then try to decipher them: dreams often carry messages.

How to interpret his dreams?

After having retained his dream, it is necessary to note the important elements or symbols of the dream: your emotions, your actions, the presence of other people, animals ... Every detail has its importance. Like a story, your dream must be sequenced. You can give a title to your dream, which can already be a first interpretation of your dreams.

Like a writer, tell your dream, your story. You can then ask yourself: Why did I have this dream now? What relationship does he have with my life? What relationship does he have with me? After analyzing your dreams, relive them by rereading your notes. Then you can learn from these dreams: how could we change our lives? Our way of living an event? Our way of being? Our way of managing a conflict?

Some images to know to interpret his dreams

Some situations evoke strong symbols in each of us. This short list will help you understand some of your dreams:

These different signs come from our unconscious impulses, very well described by Freud. There are other signs to be dreamed of being robbed, to see someone die, to dream of health ...

Steps to interpret his dreams

To better interpret your dreams there is no exact method, but you can follow these 12 steps that will help you in the interpretation of your dreams.

  1. Learn to remember your dreams.
  2. Do not invent a scenario where there is none.
  3. Avoid using dream interpretation guides.
  4. Look for the most obvious meaning of your dream.
  5. Determine if the dream is a reflection of a real situation
  6. Determine the meaning of your dream.
  7. Analyze how you feel during your dream.
  8. Look for strong images that emerge from your dream.
  9. Be honest and do not invent slips of dreams.
  10. Practice often to interpret your dreams.
  11. Identify trends that come up often.
  12. Know how to recognize when the interpretation of your dream is correct.

Going through an interpretation of dreams allows for a better understanding of oneself and the world around us. However all dreams are not to be interpreted. Some will be preferred: those whose instinct shows us the importance, those we remember easily, those we have trouble forgetting and those we dream of several nights in a row.

Now that you know how to interpret a dream, you just have to take out a sheet and a pencil to start scribbling!

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