Unsere Tipps für ein luxuriöses Interieur, ohne die Bank zu sprengen Nuestros consejos para lograr un lujoso diseño interior sin romper el banco. Nossas dicas para obter um design de interiores luxuoso sem quebrar o banco Nos conseils pour réussir une décoration d\'intérieur luxueuse sans se ruiner I nostri consigli per ottenere un design d\'interni lussuoso senza spendere troppo
By Charlotte, the 04.06.2019

How to make a luxurious interior decoration without breaking the bank

How to make a luxurious interior decoration without breaking the bank
Renovating your interior design does not necessarily mean spending a fortune. With some tips, it is possible to achieve a result worthy of VIP residences.

The layout of the interior of a house contributes to the well-being of the occupants. When each room is decorated, according to your tastes, an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, friendliness and comfort is created. By choosing a luxurious decor, you will succeed to impress your loved ones and all your guests. How to proceed ?

Our tips for a luxurious interior design

Discover without delay our various tips to decorate your interior with luxury, but without breaking the bank. You can have a luxurious interior decoration and this for a small price.

Tip # 1: Manage the spaces well

Filling a room with a large number of furniture and objects, even of value, can often create congestion. Art deco specialists advise instead to favor a minimalist approach, especially when the room is narrow.

By focusing on quality over quantity, you will already be saving money. At the same time, you'll be able to optimize space management and achieve a beautiful visual effect. Also consider selling furniture that occupies too much space and acquire more functional and aesthetic models.

In order to minimize clutter while enjoying more storage space, some households choose cabinets to play on the height of the walls. Installing a mirror covering a wall gives the impression that the dimensions of the room have doubled.

Tip # 2: Choosing the best lighting solutions

The lighting market today offers a variety of lighting designs. For each room in the house, you can choose the most suitable products: chandeliers, spotlights, floor lamps, ceiling lights, ribbons, etc.

Most of the luminaires marketed in the stores are currently equipped with an LED lamp. This type of bulb is accessible for cheap, but offers many advantages in terms of practicality, economy, safety and comfort. Knowing how to play with lighting can bring a touch of charm and help enhance the decor of a room.

Tip # 3: find the right deals

In the past, shopping around was a must to find quality furniture and decorative objects. This move requires travel, wasting time, energy and money.

Today, you can save money by shopping online. To avoid disappointment, however, be careful to choose good shops. There are also magazines offering catalogs of furniture and decorative items. By flipping through them, you will be able to find great brand products.

Buying second-hand products is a way to enjoy authentic furniture at a reduced price. The second-hand market always offers opportunities for collectors and people looking for originality. Some objects have some anomalies, but can be refurbished without difficulty.

Tip # 4: Set Priorities

You want to transform all the rooms of the house, but your budget is insufficient? Know that you do not have to renovate all at once. For example, you can prioritize your room for your own well-being. You can also focus primarily on the show, because it is the room that welcomes your guests.

Instead of thinking about changing, consider improving the existing proves simpler. In this sense, if you can not afford to replace your wood floor with tile or other flooring, why not clean and re-coat it?

Make a list of the changes you want to make. Then, prioritize according to your budget.

Tip # 5: Use the right colors and accessories

In terms of color, dark shades are often associated with elegance. Favor colors such as emerald green, navy blue or graphite to create a serene atmosphere in the bedroom. You can also opt for textured wallpaper for

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