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By Alain, the 04.06.2019

How to advance faster in Big Farm online game

How to advance faster in Big Farm online game
Do you find that you are not moving fast enough in the Big Farm online video game? Then discover our basic tips on managing a farm in the game to move faster.

Putting on your field boots has never been as trendy as with Big Farm. True phenomenon, this multiplayer online video game revolutionized agricultural simulation. Will you be able to turn your family farm into a real farm? Will you resist the wear of time? Will you become the king of corn? By following the tips to follow, without a doubt!

Some basic tips on managing a farm

As in the real world, in the Big Farm video game, the secret of success lies in the pursuit of profits. You are an agricultural entrepreneur, start thinking and acting like one. Do not let your passion for animals obscure the harsh reality.

Have a crop calendar

The first thing to do is to take into account the growth time of each plant. Maize takes 5 minutes to germinate, 2 minutes to bloom while wheat takes 6 hours to be harvested. When you are online, plant flowers and corn. When you disconnect, sow the wheat. Thus, upon your return, you will have all the resources in sufficient quantities.

Buy what you need

Instead of leaving your infrastructure fallow, buy the raw materials that are lacking. The reason is simple. In case of failure of the project, abandoned infrastructure will disappear with your valuable items.

Hand in hand with Omar Bazaar

Omar is the street vendor of Big Farm. From time to time, he arrives unannounced to offer you various trinkets and artifacts. Pay attention only from level 21.

Once this is over, Omar starts offering
dollars with 100% discounts. In short, you will not pay a dime. In addition, you will receive $ 5,000 free of charge. Between levels 27 and 39, the amount increases to 25 000. From 40 to 54, the sum is 50 000. And beyond level 64, the pot rises to $ 100,000.

In addition to this good deal, Omar offers gold mining permits. However, they are only really useful if you have 3,500 gold in stock.

Get ornaments for free

When you decide to expand your farm, opt for spaces with grass, water points or blue dots. Behind their austere aspects, these areas often contain bonuses in decoration. A square of vegetables can thus yield +17 in happiness. A +22 ducks pond and a lake can give +38.

Make the right choices

The best basic configuration is type 2/3/4/4/4/6 in cherries, hogsheads, stables, apple orchards, poultry houses and fields. Only once these structures have been installed should you consider installing other infrastructures. Choose barns for hen houses and hog shelters. Thus, you will have fertilizer in considerable quantities and humus for your plantations.

Take hold of Jim and Jack

Jim and Jack are like the Joker. A favor, they can without warning turn against you. Either they improve your crop, or they play you a bad trick.

In conclusion

The Big Farm online video game has no secrets for you. Apply these tips correctly and you will be able to rule the agricultural world!

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