Was sind die neuen Motorradgesetze in Frankreich? ¿Cuáles son las nuevas leyes de la motocicleta en Francia? Quais são as novas leis de motocicleta na França? Quelles sont les nouvelles lois pour la moto en France ? Quali sono le nuove leggi sulle motociclette in Francia?
By Alain, the 05.06.2019

What are the new laws for motorcycles in France

What are the new laws for motorcycles in France
New laws have come into force for motorcyclists and scooter drivers regarding the requirement to wear a hi viz fluorescent jacket or jacket when riding in France.

From January 2016, the new fine of 11 € applies if you are controlled by the police and you do not have any on you, but the fine is 135 € if you are caught in the act of no Wear on the road (or on the shoulder) in an emergency following an accident, a puncture or a breakdown. (passengers must have one too).

New laws for bikers in France

The introduction of the fine came into force following even worse figures concerning the number of people killed on the road in France.

Finally, a decision

It seems like it took a while to finally implement this law, as we were talking about seven or eight years ago. It was until recently a classic case of 'we were undecided but now we are not so sure' on the part of the French government.

Requirements for motorcyclists in France

Replacement bulbs, as well as Hi Viz and breathalysers, but there is no more fine not to wear them. Although they are still listed as a legal obligation by the French authorities.

You should also have reflective stickers for your helmet in four places - one in the front, one in the back and one on each side. They must be mounted in such a way that they do not interfere with the opening / closing of the visor of your helmet. (Some helmets are equipped with standard). The stickers must have a minimum surface of 18 cm2

The new rules state that wearing gloves for motorcyclists will be mandatory, although I suppose most serious motorcyclists would wear gloves these days without this being mandatory.

GB Stickers

We understand, and sometimes even the French police, that it is very difficult to install a GB plate anywhere on a motorcycle. We sell these small GB car license plates that have a collapsible back and stick (not the magnetic ones) and that can be adjusted slightly with scissors to fit a lot of bikes so you might want to try one. (Cut it before taking off the support)


The headlights of youth bicycles beamed forward and to the left on British bikes and forwards and to the right on European bikes (like cars) to avoid traffic jams when coming.

In recent years, bicycle headlights are simply directed forward, so there is no difference in the beam direction between a British motorcycle and a European motorcycle. If you have such a bike, the headlight converters would not be needed.

However, it is mandatory to use daytime and nighttime running lights in France. We therefore suggest that although the harness adapters we sell are for cars if you have a headlight that beams the beam with a left-hand bias, our converters will do the job of preventing you from dazzling oncoming drivers.

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