Warum eine heilige Burma-Katzenrasse nehmen? ¿Por qué tomar una raza de gato sagrado de Birmania? Por que levar uma raça sagrada de gato da Birmânia? Pourquoi prendre un sacré de Birmanie comme race de chat ? Perché prendere una razza di gatti della Birmania sacra?
By Charlotte, the 26.05.2019

Why take a sacred Burma cat breed?

Why take a sacred Burma cat breed?
The sacred Burma or Burmese cat and a legendary cat breed with medium-long and very silky hairs. But why choose as a breed of cat a sacred Burma rather than another?

A sociable companion, cuddly and sensitive, with a deep look that penetrates the soul. It is not in vain that he is considered a sacred cat whose origin is mysterious. But after all, who cares about the past of a companion so faithful as the sacred of Burma?

The origins of the sacred Burma

The origins of the sacred cat of Burma are between mystery and legend. What seems clear is that this cat comes from Southeast Asia, especially from Burma, where it is believed that he was the guardian of the Buddhist temples, conferring on him his sacredness. The first writings relating its existence on our continent go back to the first years of the twentieth century.

In 1925, the breed was officially recognized in France and, a year later, it was presented for the first time at the International Cat Show organized in Paris by the Cat Club of France and Belgium. The cat 'Madalpour doll' is considered one of his ancestors.

Breed consolidation

It was in 1950 that the race officially took the name of Sacred Burma to avoid confusing it with Burmese and Burmese. Since then, its international projection has been dazzling: it was introduced in the United States in 1960, Germany and the Netherlands in 1964 and in Britain in 1965. Currently, the breed is recognized by most clubs and associations and enjoys the favor of the public.

Character of the sacred of Burma

This breed of cat has a reputation for being very intelligent. With a calm and gentle character, he adapts easily to family life. Very sociable, he shares without problem his existence with other animals. Possessive with his master, he requires the attention of his protector that he will always accompany, even in the most difficult moments. Moderately active and playful, it is very easy to educate: with patience and affection there is nothing this cat can learn. When we speak to him in a soft voice, he responds with a meek and discreet meow.

It is a sexually precocious cat. Females breed at seven months old and males at eight or nine months old. The kittens of this breed of cat are born completely white. It is at the age of two or three years that the contrast of its coat becomes optimal.

The care he asks

It should be brushed at least once a week. This is used to aerate his coat, to remove the remains of hair and to control the appearance of parasites. It is better to use a brush that is not plastic because this material produces static electricity, which is very stressful for the animal. During the moulting period, brushing frequencies should be increased.

As for her diet, it is essential that she be of good quality in order to preserve not only her health, but also the texture and the color of her dress. It's a good idea to feed your cat with moist foods that are high in protein and balanced with nutrients.

Environmental conditions affect the color of her dress. Thus, a sacred Burma living in a cold and humid place will wear a dark dress, while a copy exposed to heat and sunlight will have brighter hair.

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