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By Alain, the 08.06.2019

How to take good care of a carnivorous plant

How to take good care of a carnivorous plant
As practical as aesthetic, carnivorous plants are specimens that require special attention. If you have home or plan to have one, it would not be too much to inform you about them to better take care of your carnivorous plant.

Care for carnivorous plants is necessary for their growth. However, there needs to be some measure of not doing more than enough. There are different species, but some tips are useful to keep them in perfect condition. With a well-controlled maintenance, you can enjoy their presence and beauty without counting.

How to take care of your carnivorous plant

In the wild, carnivorous plants can adapt to changes. But indoors, we will have to be very attentive to their maintenance and handling. So here's how to take care of the carnivorous plant properly so that it looks beautiful and thrives.

How to water his carnivorous plant?

To take care carnivorous plant, it is also to know how often to water it and in what quantity. However, be careful not to take tap water directly because of its chlorine composition that is not suitable for the plant. You will prefer a more natural water, like that collected in rainy season. But as it is not always easy to have on hand, the solution is to use a filter that will purify the water at the pump of its limestone and chlorine.

How to water his carnivorous plant

Water its carnivorous plant

Once the good water is found, keep in mind that the carnivorous plant can not stand being dry. Make sure you keep it in a pot where it will be cool. For this you need to maintain a certain regularity in watering without abusing it. This is especially true for Nepenthes and Dioneae, commonly known as 'fly-catcher plants'. The ideal when you water, is to avoid direct contact of the plant with water. Concentrate instead on the substrate in which she is diving.

When to change the pot of his plant?

In the majority of cases, the repotting is done when you note the decomposition of the substrate. When it settles, it is imperative to gently remove the plant before installing it in another container. In case the development of the plant takes place in optimal conditions, you will only have to make this gesture on average every 4 years, or a little less.

When to change the pot of his plant

Change the pot of its carnivorous plant

Note that a substrate that breaks down is often the result of unsuitable watering, especially with water containing limestone. Be careful not to repeat the same mistake after repotting.

The diet of your carnivorous plant?

Sometimes, taking care of a carnivorous plant is also knowing how to let the plant fend for itself. This is even more true when you touch your diet. Indeed, these plants do not have to be regularly fed by a third party. They manage to make the most of the insects they manage to attract in their trap. Forcing them will not do them any good. If you notice growth failure, check the level of hydration and make sure the plant is not attacked by too direct light.

Feeding your carnivorous plant

Feeding your carnivorous plant

Another cause that can affect the development of these plant species, fungi. As soon as they appear, it is advisable to act quickly to limit their development. The good news is that it will be easy for you to find effective products to deal with the situation online or in physical stores. Nevertheless, for the remedy to be no worse than the harm, know how to dose the treatment. You can also do prevention by ensuring that your interior is well ventilated.

In the end, it must be emphasized that carnivorous plants, though fairly fragile species, can survive perfectly if they are kept up to a rigorous and non-excessive maintenance.

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