Was ist das Tarot von Denis Lapierre? Qué hacer el tarot Denis Lapierre? Qual é o tarô de Denis Lapierre? Que-est-ce que le tarot de Denis Lapierre ? Qual è il tarocco di Denis Lapierre?
By Lucie, the 27.05.2019

What is the draw of Denis Lapierre's tarot?

What is the draw of Denis Lapierre's tarot?
Do you know the unique method of tarot Denis Lapierre? Thanks to an efficient and safe technique to know its future, the draw of the tarot is realized only with the major mysteries of the tarot of Marseilles.

Original and authentic, the tarot game by Denis Lapierre offers a unique approach. Resulting from a relevant study on the tarot, the drawing of the tarot of Denis Lapierre will answer your most intimate and personal questions. What will your future be like? Are you going to meet love? How is your professional situation profiled? The drawing of the different slides will reveal the answers and guide your way to the fairest destiny.

The interpretation and the drawing of the tarot

According to the personal method Denis Lapierre, the draw of tarot cards is original and unique. Generally, the prints on the internet are of a different order. A special page in clairvoyance invites you to click on a single card. This one turns back revealing a blade of the 22 major arcana of the Tarot of Marseilles. Following this choice of map, an interpretation text is proposed.

The unique method of tarot Denis Lapierre is completely different. It is also authentic and rare. The methodology is very simple. With a click on the green button called 'Shoot the cards', you leave your fate in the hands of fate. Chance takes the situation in hand. After a few seconds of patience, five cards are revealed. You can discover not one, but five blades of the Tarot of Marseille. A combination creating a symbolic osmosis. Then, a complete interpretation is proposed to you.

Your destiny is then drawn below a simple mouse click.

Cards according to the symbolism of tarot

The cards used are the 22 wonderful arcana of the real Tarot de Marseille. From the map of the Mat to that of the World through the Force or the Chariot, the symbols are unique and specific. How not to navigate? They all express a person of our life: the child, the sage, the woman, the man, etc.

Cards reveal major events in your life. They reveal the most complete parts of your journey. The blades of the tarot of Marseilles represent the great archetypes of life: the popess, the empress, the emperor, the madman or the devil, all the cards express the greatness of the human being.

Interpret the draw of the cards

Love, money, health or work, the prints answer your internal questions. Self-investment is an important quality in the study of a tarot draw. Indeed, some prints of cards can sometimes give an impression of caricature. Taking a step back from the illustrated text is the best solution to get a personal view of the draw.

As advocated by the tarot Denis Lapierre, the texts illustrate the major stages of life with a real symbolism. Everyone has to find a personal interpretation according to the established demand.

Trust this unique method for guiding your life. Just click on the green 'Shoot the cards' button and discover your five cards. They respond to your request. Together, they form a combination. The five cards express the path to take through a unique symbolic interpretation.

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