Was sind die verschiedenen Arten von Tarot-Spielen? ¿Cuáles son los diferentes tipos de juegos de tarot? Quais são os diferentes tipos de jogos de tarô? Quels sont les différents types de jeux de tarot ? Quali sono i diversi tipi di giochi di tarocchi?
By Lucie, the 27.05.2019

What are the different types of tarot games to discover your future?

What are the different types of tarot games to discover your future?
Do you want to know more about your future? Then discover what are the different tarot games that will allow you to learn more about what destiny holds for you.

The tarot is a fascinating divinatory practice but difficult to tackle when you start. Indeed, for someone who wants to go online tarot to a physical game, there are many subtleties and many different types of games! So what are these differences and how do you choose your game according to your tastes and goals?

What are the different tarot games

Above all, it is important to point out that tarot games are mostly derived from ancient traditions. Some remain very close to the originals, while others take more freedom.

A traditional game uses a composition of 78 cards called blades. These blades are divided into 22 major and 56 minor arcana, themselves divided into four suites. Each card is numbered and the major arcana bears a name.

The tarot of Marseille

Without doubt the best-known tradition in France, the tarot of Marseille is marked by the 14th century Judeo-Christian imagery.

The major arcana, representing the major stages of life and the sacred, are illustrated with symbolic figures and archetypes. On the contrary, the minor mysteries represent the daily and human aspect. They are distributed in the following of Sticks, Cups, Swords and Deniers. They do not include an illustration but only the symbols of their suite, like a classic card game.

This visual difference between major and minor influences the way to draw the cards: we will first draw the major arcana and then only the minor.

The Waite Smith Rider

Despite an identical structure, the tarot Rider Waite differs from the tarot of Marseille in several aspects. For a start, the continuation of Deniers is replaced by that of Pentacles. Another difference that can be noticed very quickly: in the Rider Waite the major and minor arcana are illustrated. This will allow an interpretation of the minor arcana more pictorial, but also to mix minor and major during the draws.

In addition, some major arcana undergo alterations, erasing the religious aspect. The Bateleur becomes the Magician, The Papess becomes the High Priestess, the Pope becomes the Hierophant, the No Name Card becomes Death, etc.

The Force and Justice cards are also reversed, which affect the numerological study of your print. So many aspects to take into account, depending on your sensitivity (are you rather receptive to religious or mystical symbolism?) And your goals.

Mixed games, Oracles and other atypical games

Obviously, these traditions are not necessarily followed to the letter. There are therefore tarot games that mix these two genres.

Some variants of the Tarot:

But we also meet divinatory games following a completely different organization. They can have a variable number of cards, not have major / minor cards. These cards are called Oracles.

Some oracles:

To conclude, each game has its peculiarities, its symbolism and its way of being read. It is important to make the difference between the different tarot games and the Oracles and see what use you want to make before making your choice. A good solution is to test different traditions through online tarot.

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