Warum sollten Sie zu Hause ein Babyphone benutzen? ¿Por qué debería usar un monitor de bebé en casa? Por que você deve usar um monitor de bebê em casa? Pourquoi il faut utiliser un babyphone chez soi ? Perché dovresti usare un baby monitor a casa?
By Alain, the 27.05.2019

Why use a baby monitor at home and not only at friends?

Why use a baby monitor at home and not only at friends?
You wonder if you really need to use a baby monitor when you are at home? So we will see with you the usefulness that can have a baby monitor at home.

Baby phones may seem like gadgets, but if you look closely, you realize that these items are very useful. At home or at friends' house, parents will have a much quieter mind.

He often appears in the birth list and his model is often chosen in advance. It comes in many forms but the goal remains the same: Monitor baby without disturbing him. Between the videophone and the basic baby-phone, the choice can be difficult, each has advantages and disadvantages.

What is a baby monitor?

As the name implies, this pair of objects is used to hear the sounds, cries or crying of the baby.

The walkie-talkie system

Some models can make sounds to the baby, others also serve as video surveillance phone and even music box light.

Why use babyphone?

Thanks to this surveillance system, no one wakes up any more baby while entering his room to see if all is well.

The little one could wake up

It is when the baby sleeps that he grows up, his sleep is primordial, it must be preserved.

The different models of babyphones

To each parents his babyphone. Some will just want to know if baby is awake, others, if he is breathing well, or even watching him in his sleep.

Baby phones for all parents

If you are already worried about using the baby monitor, while your baby is in good health, you do not need to buy a videophone.

All baby phones are not alike, their shape, their options differ from one brand to another and evolve with the years. You will surely find the one that best suits your family. Feel free to change yours if it does not give you complete satisfaction, they are not very expensive and resell easily used.

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