Warum einen Hellseher konsultieren und worum geht es? ¿Por qué consultar a un psíquico y cuál es el punto? Por que consultar um médium e qual é o objetivo? Pourquoi consulter un médium et à quoi ça sert ? Perché consultare un sensitivo e qual è il punto?
By Lucie, the 26.05.2019

What is a medium and what is the point of consulting one?

What is a medium and what is the point of consulting one?
You wonder what a medium is, what it can bring you, whether it's really worth consulting a medium or not. So discover without waiting what it is really a medium and what it can bring you.

The character of the medium has always been an object of fascination in our societies, between reputation of mysticism and clichés widely conveyed by the films and different series. The latter is readily presented as a separate individual, sometimes out of society and dangerous, sometimes a victim of his gifts. But as often, the reality is much more prosaic, and this profession can not be arbitrarily classified as an occult and secret art.

What is a medium

Before all things, a subject about the character of the medium must begin with a clear definition of what this term contains. First of all, it must be established that a medium is a practitioner of the divinatory arts. As a result, he has an innate sensitivity to detect phenomena beyond the realization of our five common senses. That is why they are generally given the faculty of communicating with the spirits of people who are no longer of this world.

Of course, this last faculty has always fueled the greatest fantasies. Mediums have been accused of witchcraft, blasphemy and many other defamatory terms. In spite of everything, being a medium remains an extremely precise profession, which requires rigor at all times. In fact, the divinatory arts are on the rise in France and around the world, and it seems that their seriousness is more and more recognized. It is indeed possible to consult a medium in certain specific cases, which call for a 'different' intervention in the pathways of classical medicine.

Why consult a medium

Of course, consulting a medium is not an obvious step. Between skepticism, fabrications and warnings of loved ones, the step can be difficult to cross. Nevertheless, because of its capacity to perceive the signals of a change of consciousness, the medium can be an effective support in the situation of the loss of a friend or relative. In addition, he will put his science to the benefit of the person who will appeal, in a positive approach and in order to do well.

What is the point of consulting a medium?

In general, people who use a medium arrive with a question, insoluble for them in the situation lived. A session of medium thus takes the form of a trance, at the end of which the professional renders his verdict, drawn from his faculties to probe the hereafter and its phenomena. This demonstration may seem somewhat impressive for a person who is not prepared. Also there is the possibility of consulting a medium by phone, which has the advantage of not having to move. Still, you have to be sure to get in touch with someone serious. For this, a check with a reliable person is required.

In conclusion, it seems unjust to condemn the profession of medium to an occult and harmful art. On the contrary, it can be beneficial for people who have unanswered questions in them. Nevertheless, before consulting a psychic, it is advisable to be recommended a serious professional.

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